Vibrasat® power: Our evergreen solution for gentle and less tiring liposuction proceddures.

Vibrasat® power eases the daily working routineof surgeons. Its ergonomic design and strong, powerful drive are main advantages. 

4 reasons for Vibrasat® power:

1. Eases the suction of fat cells with fast axial movements
2. The anatomically shaped handle enables a smooth and comfortable workflow
3. The handle comes with enough weight to cushion the vibrations towards your palm by its inertia
4. Gentle suctioning of fatty tissue through an effective splitting of fat cells


• Up to 5,000 hubs/min with a stroke length of approx. 3 mm
• Less force required for cannula movement. Allows precise guidance
• Powerful engine for fast and short axial movements
• Easier splitting off of fat cells
• Time-saving


• Ergonomic handle
• Smooth running
• Comes with included foot switch
• Fully autoclavable handle makes it easier to clean


Liposuction procedures with small and large volume

• Liposuction
• Lipedema treatment

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