Docon7 Sealing Handle (00003674)

The sealing handle is an automated sealing unit used to seal PVC tubes, particularly the blood removal tube directly attached to the donor. This ensures greater safety when sealing the tube.

Tubes with different diameters and wall thicknesses can be sealed.

The sealing time is automatically adjusted for the tubes specified. The active sealing process is indicated by an LED on the sealing handle.

The sealing processes are documented in the data set.


Docon7 Mobile II (00003494)

Back-friendly operation is the key feature of this device. As well as its primary function of scanning barcodes, the Docon7 Mobile can also operate the Docon7 fully using the scanner keypad.

The current status of the donation is also shown on the colour display and signal statuses are shown with flashing super bright LEDs.

Laser scanning technology means that illegible barcodes are now a thing of the past.


Docon7 Status Indicator (00003677)

If you do not have a Docon Mobile available to view signal statuses from a distance, the status indicator is your alternative.

This can be easily attached to the donor chair or the chairside table in an elevated position.


Docon7 Transport Case (00003673)

The transport case provides the best possible protection for the Docon7 during normal transport. It is also used to ensure the device is in the correct operating position during the donation procedure. All Docon7 accessories can be kept safely in a separate storage compartment.


Docon7 Table and Accessories (00003672, 00003551, 00002901)

The table completes the range of accessories. It provides a tray area for donation equipment. The sealing handle and Docon Mobile can be safely stored in the corresponding holders.


Docon7 Battery (93005614)

The Docon battery is based on the latest lithium-ion technology and one or two batteries can be used in the Docon. If both batteries are used at the same time, up to

100 donations are possible per battery charge.

The batteries are stored in exchange slots in the case and can be freely exchanged during operation without having to switch off the Docon.