LiquoGuard® is the only CSF management system in the world that simultaneously measures CSF pressure and drains cerebrospinal fluid under controlled circumstances.
The LiquoGuard® 7 sets new standards and operates fully automatically with a sophisticated alarm system.

The LiquoGuard® product line

The LiquoGuard® product line consists of LiquoGuard®LiquoGuard® 7 and the extensive offering of accessories and consumables. Both systems handle fully automatic, volume-controlled or pressure controlled CSF drainage, and on request, also the infusion of fluid for support of normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) diagnosis. 

In addition to all LiquoGuard® functions, LiquoGuard® 7 offers a number of new features that further increase patient safety and application safety, significantly reduce the number of alarm situations, facilitate evaluation of data, and enable connection to other systems (e.g. external ICP sensor or parenchyma sensor, printer, internal building call system).

Numerous ideas from practice users throughout the world were considered, in order to develop LiquoGuard® 7; your invaluable companion in the clinic.

  • Significantly reduced weight
  • Significantly extended battery runtime
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy-to-clean touch display
  • Stable stance, for safe transport through the clinic, also in the patient bed
  • Enlarged display
  • Improved suspension device
    • Significantly extended interfaces to other systems
    • Supplemental ventricular ICP probe (Spiegelberg, Raumedic) or
    • Supplemental parenchyma probe (Spiegelberg, Raumedic)
    • Printer
    • USB data stick
    • Diagnostic call system
    • Patient monitor
  • Modular concept so that you can extend your LiquoGuard® 7 with additional functions at any time.


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