Typical application cases

There are many fields of application for the LiquoGuard® product line:


Vascular surgery and anestesiology

During vascular surgery intervention (e.g. TAA, TAAA) LiquoGuard® reliably monitors the pressure situation and the flow of CFS, documents the progression and helps detect situations that are harmful the patient, early on. Also after an OP LiquoGuard® helps keep the intrathecal pressure at the desired level, or facilitates fast reaction to avoid neurological deficits or to counter them as quickly as possible. Typical application cases are:

  • Intraoperative neurological monitoring
  • Postoperative neurological monitoring
  • Volume controlled CSF drainage
  • Pressure controlled CSF drainage


Neurosurgical, accident surgery and orthopedics

LiquoGuard® is traditionally used to control and adjust the cerebrospinal fluid pressure for continuous and regulated drainage, and for relief of acute high-pressure events (bleeding, edema, etc.).

Patients of any age, pediatric as well as geriatric, profit, and for medical personnel the effort associated with supporting and monitoring the drainage is reduced. Typical application cases are:

  • Ventricular drainage
  • Lumbar drainage
  • Pressure controlled drainage
  • Volume controlled drainage


Diagnostic and therapeutic support

Diagnosis of NPT (Normal Pressure hydrocephalus) is difficult at times. LiquoGuard® unterstützt supports you through the possibility of automatic determination of interesting values (ROF, compliance, pressure progression).
In addition, LiquoGuard® is suitable for determining possible shunt settings and can depict and record the actual life conditions of the patient. The fact that LiquoGuard® offers mobile implementation due to battery operation, enables drainage volumes and target ICP to also be determined quickly, easily and safely in different positions (lying, sitting, standing, physical exertion, etc.), even over a longer period of time. Typical applications are:

  • Katzman Test (lumbar Infusion for NPH diagnosis)
  • Determination of shunt opening pressures and possible suitable shunt settings
  • Control of shunt settings
  • Detection and documentation of the effect of a medication application
  • Support in the adjustment of medication, as-needed, by the patient

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