Tumescent local anesthesia (TLA) with Liposat® power

During tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA), a saline solution with a highly diluted anaesthetic is introduced directly into the tissue. This technique has advantages for any surgical treatment that requires local anaesthesia, such as liposuction or vascular surgical procedures. The Liposat® power optimizes procedures for both doctor and patient with several benefits such as:

  • Less frequently occuring side effects like thromboses, embolic risk or nausea
  • Allowing for the patient to remain conscious during procedures
  • Simplified operating process that doesn´t require an anesthesiologist
  • Minimizes pain after the surgery

Tumescent local anaesthesia is now known as the international standard treatment because of its advantages, specifically in liposuction. Those advantages include:

  • No incisions, very little blood loss
  • Zero or only small hematomas, if used correctly
  • Allows the doctor to perform a "three-dimensional" liposuction by beeing able to reposition the patient during treatment.

5 reasons for Liposat® power:

1. Save time by preselecting fluid of volume and delivery rate
2. Consumables and accessories are medically approved for infiltration
3. Maximize the overall experience with a quiet operation in the OR
4. Precision German medical-engineering guarantees a quality product
5. Work efficiently with a pressure up to 3 bar and delivery rate up to 300 ml/min

By the way: The Liposat® power infiltration pump can also be used for infiltrations under general anesthesia.

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