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Liposat® Pro,  your reliable partner for TLA-infiltration. You can easily focus on your patient and the procedure while trusting our technology to work reliably, providing the highest level of safety and comfort.

5 reasons for Liposat® Pro:

1. Significantly reduce noise levels in the operating room, so that you can concentrate exclusively on your patients.
2. Achieve a streamlined workflow through its intuitive menu navigation, smart technology and straightforward design.
3. Its adjustable flow rate in ml/min allows for the highest possible degree of control.
4. Work with the most innovative technology on the market to achieve a reliable and long-lasting performance.
5. Auto-stop technology that kicks in when the target volume is reached.


• Delivery rate from 50 - 300 ml/min
• Connections for 2 foot switches
• Priming function for quick flushing of the hose set
• Luer-Lock connection on the tubing set - all cannulas with Luer-Lock connection can be used
• Touch operation of the pump
• Display easily readable from all directions, many setting options


• Volume Management
• Automatic hose feed
• Acoustic and optical display of the current pump status
• Adjustable delivery rate
• Visualization of the infiltrated volume and the activity of the rotor


TLA infiltration for small and large volumes

• Liposuction
• Vein-Stripping
• Sweat gland suction

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