Our contribution to reducing the shortage of facemasks needed as protection against the Corona virus

Current findings indicate that facemasks provide additional protection in the Corona crisis, and above all reduce the risk of infecting others. The supply situation for these masks is, however, currently difficult. In addition, professional protective masks must above all need to be reserved for people working in hospitals, medical practices and the emergency services.

For more safety for your organization, your customers and yourself Möller Medical developed the facemask "mask4all" with project partners EDAG Group and Göttlicher GmbH & Co.KG.

We are able to deliver large quantities from stock. Please contact us!

The mask4all kit

  • Flexible respiratory protection mask to cover mouth and nose
  • Easy to assemble
  • Technical filter fabric is a better protection than common cotton fabrics
  • Machine washable at 60℃
  • Adjustable to individual head shape
  • Excellent filtration efficiency and good air permeability
  • Sustainable, can be used again and again
  • Economical
  • Made in Germany

Each kit consists of the mask holder elements, three replaceable technical fabric cut-outs as well as two elastic straps and a detailed manual.
The mask4all kits are intended for commercial customers, municipal facilities and private individuals and made for daily usage.

Additional information

Our kit consists of a so-called mask for private use without FFP-classification.
mask4all lowers the risk of infection for the wearer and other.
The effectiveness of the mask depends on the chosen filter fabric and the way it is placed between the holder elements. Therefore it is still possible to be infected or to infect others.