Möller Medical

Möller Medical was founded in 1949 by Adolf Möller under the name Adolf Möller Feinmechanik. The young company was already committed to serve medical progress.

In 1986, the company, then with 90 employees, was acquired by the Blum family and renamed Möller Feinmechanik Fulda (MFF). Among usual precision engineered products, components and end products for medical technology and chemical analysis applications were manufactured.

In 2003, Centrotec SE acquired the company (grown to 250 employees in the meantime) and renamed it to the current name Möller Medical. Besides the classical technologies of precision engineering, the company offers CNC-controlled laser treatment (since 1987), clean room manufacturing (since 1988) and nano coatings (since 1995) to its customers.

Möller Medical is especially present in the demanding OEM business; here it is supplier for leading companies of medical technology and chemical analysis. The company is certified manufacturer of components and end products.