Analysis needles

Möller Medical has been a manufacturer of high-quality analytical needles and connection systems for several decades. We work closely together with the customer and develop solutions together.

Here, our many years of expertise in the field of metal and plastics processing are of great benefit to us.

Our customers include many well-known manufacturers in the analytical industry.

Our specialties are:

  • Straight simple needles
  • Multiple channel needles
  • Cap piercing needles
  • Heated needles
  • Steel needles with integrated PTFE/FEP tubes®


Connection systems and TorqFit systems

In addition we offer complete, also heatable® technical tubing systems with three different connection mechanisms:

  • V1 simple
  • V2 reduced dead water®
  • V3 dead water free®

Our processes allow us to create dead water free connection between steel needle and tubing systems as well as between plastic components and tubing systems.

The TorqFit fitting series were developed to limit the tightening torque of the fittings to 12-15 Ncm. This ensures no damage is caused in the connection area by overtightening. The design and all parameters (tightening torque, thread, dimensions, material, etc.) can be customized according to your special requirements.

Manufacturing process

Möller Medical's roots are traditionally in precision engineering. This influence is still felt today. For this reason, metal and plastic processing is one of our core competencies, especially through direct overmolding.

We offer:

  • Precision injection molding of a wide variety of plastics, including autoclavable plastics (PEEK, PVDF, etc.) with own toolmaking for injecting and overmolding of components
  • Drilling, cutting, welding and marking by Laser 
  • Ultrasonic welding and special designs in membrane joining technology
  • Automated 3D free-form bending
  • In-house toolmaking for highest competence and flexibility for the customer
  • Quality control by using modern measuring and analysis methods


Super Finish®

The Superfinish® patented by Möller Medical achieves very smooth inner surfaces with Ra-values to 0.10 µm for pipe geometries down to 0.3 mm x 200 mm.

We also offer high-quality coatings for our needles.