We offer extensive possibilities for customization of our peristaltic pumps for use in critical medical, analytic and diagnostic applications.



Tube Loading Mechanism
We offer a variety of easy load principles.

Human Machine Interface  HMI touch
The universal HMI with touch screen allows an easy and intuitive operation of our drive units. The graphical user interface can be set up individually. 



Pressure limitation 
A safety limitation for the pumping pressure can be realized actively (pressure sensors at the tube set) or mechanically (spring-loaded rollers) depending on your specification.

Pressure detection
Reliable pressure monitoring and high accuracy regulation of the pumping pressure. For example, the pressure in our CSF management system LiquoGuard® is measured and regulated with an accuracy of approx. 1 mbar. 

Air bubble sensor
Permanent noninvasive ultrasonic monitoring of the tubing for air inclusions. The pump automatically switches off as soon an inclusion is detected.



One-Way Clutch 
The one-way clutch prevents manual turning of the pump rotor in the wrong direction, e. g. while inserting a new pump tube. 

Motor Controller
Our motor controller provides highest accuracy and speed capabilities as well as the possibility of automatic calculation of the pumped volume. 

Rotary Encoder
The rotary encoder allows flow and volume metering using a DC motor.