The all-in-one solution for liposuctions

The Workstation Pro is the ideal all-in-one solution for doctors mainly doing liposuctions with previous TLA infiltration. Due to it´s perfectly collaborating devices time-saving working with optimized workflows is possible.

5 reasons for our Workstation Pro:

1. TLA infiltration and liposuction - the  Workstation Pro optimally supports you.
2. Slim your workflow by using the infiltration pump Liposat® Pro with it´s fast priming function.
3. The unique Anti-Hypothermia Solution - Thermia Pro increases the patient safety during the surgery.
4. Enjoy a super silent OR and be able to fully concentrate on your patient - maximum reduction of noise level can be noticed.
5. The integrated 3-Pedal Footswitch allows you to perform your procedure exactly as you need it - to offer your patients the best possible results.


• All must-have accessories for patient´s safety and doctors comfort are included - Thermia Pro, Hydrophobic filter, Overflow protection, 3-pedal footswitch
• Complete solution using latest technology
• Noise optimisation: for more silence in the OR


• Autostop technology for easy TLA-infiltration
• Intuitive operation of all included devices
• All-in-one solution - compact and rollable


TLA infiltration and Liposuctions
• Liposuction
• Vein-Stripping
• Sweat gland suction
• Lipedema treatments

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